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You Don't Know What You Don't Know

There is the funny expectation that we should know stuff that we and others put on ourselves. That we should just have certain things hardwired into our being and that when we get to that point in our lives it is magically meant to appear. There are those things that we take for granted like breathing, eating and walking that our Brody takes care of without us having to think about it. The body did not need to learn these things it just knew how to do it. Yes some of it needed practice, like standing up and walking, but it was inevitable.

There are those other things that we have an expectation that we should just know about, how to take care of ourselves, what foods are good to eat, social norms like how weddings go or christenings and what's appropriate. Its like when we leave home we are meant to know how things work. If you grew up in a family where you were shown how things work you were lucky. I think for a lot of us we lived under the expectation that we should know stuff and when we don't we feel stupid and silly.

When we become a holistic practitioner coach or wellness business owner it is no different we are just meant to know stuff. Like how to manage your books, corporate governance, paying taxes, marketing and how to attract clients, how to deliver our modality effectively and how to meet the needs and expectations of our clients. Unless you were taught this in a past career know one else had shown you. So then when you go out into the world and start your journey as a wellness professional and things don't happen quite as well as expected you feel stupid and silly like you're meant to know!

But how could you unless you have been shown? How would you know how to attract clients, runs a practice and build a business that serves your lifestyle? The only insight you might have been shown is five minutes off business training and the underlying belief that it would just magically happen, people would just show up and you would have this amazing and wonderful business. But that's not what happens to so many which leaves them feeling less than.

We attach our self worth so often to the number of clients that book to see us or the amount of money we are making. If we get lots of clients we must be good and if we don't we must be no good. I know because Andy and I felt this way until we worked it out and realized that it has nothing to do with how good we are as a practitioner or as a human being. The sooner you realize this the better!

It's just that you were never shown. No one gave you the secrets, systems and scripts to attract, grow and build a successful wellness business, its not your fault. Andy and I struggled like everyone until we worked it out. In my case I was lucky I had struggled with other businesses that I had started and failed in before I became a practitioner so the learning curve was shorter because I had already struggled to find the answers, I had already made the mistake and now just had to make it work in wellness which is very different.

So when other practitioners asked us how we were seeing so many clients and having so much success it was easy to say let us show you and share with you the things that we learnt, the mistakes we made and what worked for us. This lead Andy and I on an epic journey to share our wisdom on what it takes to build a business that serves you through an abundance of clients, an abundance of time and an abundance of money. It is possible and we did achieve it and so can you. You just don't know what you don't know. There are some things you know you know, that you were taught. There are some things you know you don't know that you seek out to be taught. There are some things you don't know that you know until your are reminded and then finally there are things you don't know that you don't know. This where we come in to help remind you what you don't know that you know and to enlighten you on what you don't know that you don't know because this is where the magic of success so often lives. To share with you the knowledge and wisdom of over 20 years in the industry, the failures, mistakes, wins and what works so that you don't have to feel stupid or silly. Most importantly so that you don't have to feel like you are a failure so you can step into your full power and make the impact you are here to make.

So there are three things right now that you need to know; 1. It’s easier than it might have been up to now when you are shown how; There is always a way so make sure you follow a system and people who have been and done what you want to do, they know;

2. Never, ever, ever give up you are worth it and the world needs you right now. There are thousands of people waiting for you to show up in the ‘right’ way.

3. There is so much opportunity right now, in fact more than at anytime in our history. In fact the wellness industry is worth $3.71 TRILLION dollars and you deserve some of that. More people than ever are searching for wellness solutions online in fact XXXXX number. You just have to show up in the right place with the right message and people will want to buy you.Simple right? It is when you know the process and system for making it happen.

This is exactly what we do at the Wellness Leadership Revolution, show you the way, the system and processes that worked for us and have now worked for thousands of practitioners that we have trained. It is an enlightening event and designed to help you to remember those things that you don't know that you know and get the answers to the things you don't know that you don't know.

It's a fun two days of discovery, learning and implementation, getting stuff done so that when you leave you have practical tools and resources to help you to build your business, reach your ‘A’ grade clients and have more time freedom, location freedom and financial freedom. Most importantly it will empower you to astep into the fullness of you giving you the confidence to get yourself out into the world. No more feeling stupid or silly. No more feeling like a failure or getting stuck and trapped in a busy practice. This is the solution to making it work for you wherever you are at. We hope you take up our invitation to join us an 60 other like minded individuals all trying to overcome the same hurdles and make their mark in the world. We are going to give all of our best stuff and show you step by step how to make a difference in the wellness industry so you can make a bigger impact. CLICK HERE to find out more…

Andy and I and the whole team look forward to seeing you at our event this weekend in Melbourne in a few weeks in Perth and Toronto and San Francisco soon.

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